Winter Tales from Cozy Vales – Out Now!

The Cozy Vales winter themed fantasy anthology is out now! Our winter tales wander through bookshops, snowy vales, orc owned taverns and alchemists’ labs. Warm your toes by the fire in a travelling tea shop, meet a toad that sings ballads, and a teapot sized dragon that speaks only in prophecies. This anthology is available wide as a free ebook, and as a paperback on Amazon.

  • A Season of Gifts - L.A. Scott
  • The Ballad of the Cat and the Silver - Rebecca Buchanan
  • Flagons and Dragons - K M Jackways
  • Sour at The Salt & Pickle - Cassandra Stirling
  • A Dress With Pockets - G Clatworthy
  • Dormant - Selina J. Eckert
  • Blizzards and Brews - Deanna and Angela Stuart
  • The Best Thief in Capital Vale - Nathaniel Webb
  • The Alchemist's Surprise - Bonnie Axton

The Alchemist's Surprise is my story, tucked up nice and cozy in this anthology. Mabel is a 21-year-old apprentice at the renowned Whispering Vials Alchemists Guild in Capital City. She dreams of opening her own alchemy shop. However, before she can claim her place in the guild, she must craft a masterpiece—a task easier said than done. Struggling to infuse her creations with magic and constantly overshadowed by her overbearing workroom partner, she’s losing sight of her own potential. Perhaps a journey to Turtle Bay, and Thorne’s alchemy shop, might be the very thing to reignite her passion, and show her how to stand up for herself.

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