What I’ve Been up to May 2024

Wow what a beautiful month May is turning out to be. It’s so great to see the leaves back on the trees, baby animals are popping up everywhere, and the morning air smells like adventure.


Well, I should really call this bit editing, because that’s what’s been taking up my time recently. Revising is always the longest part, but The Alchemist’s Promotion (which may yet be renamed Thorne’s Promotion) is nearly done. The manuscript is with my editor now, and it should be all done and dusted by the end of the month, which is just as well because it’s for inclusion in the next Cozy Vales anthology. It will be a summer-themed collection of cozy tales, with a publication date in mid June, I’ll be sharing more details soon!

While the editor has been doing her stuff, I have had some time to get going on The Alchemist Returns. I’ve written a couple of chapters, but more than that I’ve done a lot of the deep thinking about it, and sketched out the underneath of the story, although what happens on the surface might change. Something that’s not going to change though is a bad tempered goat!


I’m reading Cursed Cocktails by S.L. Rowland. I love a starting over story, especially in the spring time, and this is shaping up to be a good one!


I’m going through a cozy mystery phase at the moment, and I’m listening to Witch Way to Spellbinder Bay by Sam Short – I’m loving the cozy cottage and the paranormal residents in Spellbinder Bay.


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