What I’ve Been up to March 2024

It’s still pretty chilly in my corner of the woods, but that’s okay, I’m fighting back with lots of blankets and a few good books.


I’ve never had so much fun writing as I’ve been having recently, you can find me cackling to myself over my keyboard as I’m tapping away. I’ve drafted Brianna’s Bad Day – a scene I wanted to write in The Alchemist’s Surprise, but it just didn’t fit – and that story was already getting too long for the anthology. Hard of heart, I put the idea aside, but it wouldn’t leave my brain alone, so I wrote it out. I’ve also been busy writing The Alchemist’s Promotion, which I’m hoping to include in the next Cozy Vales anthology. Both first drafts are down. Now it’s editing, editing, editing, which always takes me so much longer than the first draft. Sometimes I think of writing like a valley – I’ve just freewheeled down the hill, not having to pedal at all and laughing with the wind rushing through my hair, but now I’ve got to start pedalling up the other side of the hill.


Bookshops and Bonedust by Travis Baldree has been on my TBR pile waiting to be read, but I’ve been saving it as a treat. The time has come and I’ve just about finished it. I’ll be sad when it’s over.


I finally finished the Imager series of books by L. E. Modesitt Jr. The last book was Endgame, and I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t know what it was about this series, I couldn’t stop listening!

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