What I’m Reading and Other News October 2023

Hi Reading Friend!

The medlars are growing nicely on the tree, they will be ready for harvest as soon as we get a few dry days. It’s dark in the mornings when I get up, but it’s still mild outside so even though I’ve dug out my warmer jumpers I’ve not needed to wear them yet.

The beautiful, ugly medlar!


I’m about to pick up Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson. I’m a Sanderfan so I’m looking forward to this one! I’ve got a lot of project work to get through so I’ve not put anything else onto this months TBR pile.


I’ve just finished Flowers of Esthelm by Pirateaba, and I’ve got two Audible credits burning a hole in my account. One of them is earmarked for Musashi, and the other, well, it’s time to browse recommendations on Facebook fantasy groups!


I’m still editing! Last touches from me, then it’s off to my editor. Then I’m back to working on the full novel! Exciting times, and an exciting update from me soon on this.

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