What I’m Reading and Other News August 2023

Hello Reading Friend!

It’s been a mix of boiling hot, and cold and rainy, so a usual British summer. My house is completely, weirdly silent. I think the heat is getting to everyone.


The Fireside Fantasy Facebook Group reading club is taking nominations for the next book we will all read. I can’t decide what to pick. Soon we will vote, if you’ve not been there and you are into cozy fantasy, check it out, it’s a nice group.

New Book: Wyngraf: Issue 1 – an anthology of cozy fantasy stories. I love anthologies – it’s a great way to find new writers. There are some creative and interesting stories here, and I’ll definitely be buying Issue 2.

Other New Book: Coffee, Milk & Spider Silk. Bought this for the title alone! I’m just about to start reading, I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done.

Re-read: I’m reading Terry Pratchett Men at Arms. I’m working through all the Pratchett books with my daughter, and I just don’t think you can read those books too many times. Every read-through I find something new.


Okay, I’m still listening to Fae and Fare: The Wandering Inn, Book 2 by Pirateaba. But at over 60 hours, you can’t blame me! Andrea Parsneau does an amazing job narrating here, and I’ve been in the world so long now I’m starting to feel like I’m checking in on family.

I’m also listening to Imager: The First Book of the Imager Portfolio by L. E. Modesitt Jr. I picked this up because it’s included in the Audible Plus catalogue right now, and I’m so glad I did. This is an interesting and different take on magic, with some political intrigue and whodunnit mixed in. The gentle pace might not be for everyone, but it’s right up my street.


I’m editing my cozy fantasy novella. I have decided I will include it in the shared world anthology I’m part of (more details to come when we get there, it’s early stages). I have a love hate relationship with editing, but I’ve had a little distance between writing the story and sitting down to edit it, and that makes all the difference to me. I write middle grade under a different name and I’ve just published the book I’ve been working on. That gives me the brain space to dive deep into my cozy fantasy world, which is just as well, because there is a deadline for that!

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