Cozy Vales – Cozy Fantasy Anthology!

I have traveled the majority of my life and have spent much of that time savoring the sights, sounds, and smells of the Cozy Vales Queendom. It is a land filled with wonders to behold unlike any in the rest of the known world: the perfectly toasted and buttered slice of sourdough; sunsets that will fill you with awe and strike your tongue into silence; and delightfully friendly folk whose hospitality should be the envy of every civilized society. — from Intara’s Guide to the Cozy Vales

The Cozy Vales Queendom is a diamond shaped land of mountains, foothills and Vales. Each Vale is unique – some are hot all year round, others covered in snow. The inhabitants of the Vales may be humans, but they are just as likely to be dwarves, elves, or gnomes. Visitors must expect to meet entities they may not have encountered before – perhaps petalborn, humanoid plant folk who love the sun but are weakened by cold, or leporiae, human sized hares and rabbits.

Cozy Vales is a shared world that I have been collaborating in since April this year. Worldbuilding together has been an amazing experience, and now our anthology stories are nearing completion. We are all editing like mad, and finally starting to share what we have all been up to!

My story is set in Turtle Bay Vale, the bustling port city at the southernmost tip of the Cozy Vales Queendom.

Mabel, with hazel eyes and long dark hair twisted up into a messy bun, is a 21-year-old apprentice at the renowned Whispering Vials Alchemists Guild in Capital City. Inspired by an old family book full of magic and potion recipes, she dreams of continuing her great grandfather’s legacy by opening her own alchemy shop. However, before she can claim her place in the guild, she must craft a masterpiece—a task easier said than done. Struggling to infuse her creations with magic and constantly overshadowed by her overbearing workroom partner, she’s losing sight of her own potential. Perhaps a journey to Turtle Bay, and Thorne’s alchemy shop, might be the very thing to reignite her passion, and show her how to stand up for herself.

I’ll share more about the world, the vales and our stories over the coming weeks. In the meantime find out more about Cozy Vales and the other authors working in this shared world at or check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s early days – we are right at the beginning of bringing our anthology to life, but it’s already been a ton of fun.


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