Bonnie Axton is a British Writer

Have you ever wanted to own a pet dragon? Explore deep dwarf mines? Fly into space and visit new worlds? Me too! I read to visit new places, fantastic places, and to have an adventure somewhere else. The real world, amazing as it is, is all around me. Take me somewhere new! I love reading fantasy and sci-fi books, and I love writing them too.

I live in the English countryside, and like to spend my days walking the dog, baking, reading and writing. I’ve been reading fantasy books since I was 11. I started with Lord of the Rings – my teacher told me I couldn’t read it, so of course I burned my way through it. (Did you do that on purpose, Miss?) Then I read A Wizard of Earthsea. After that there was no hope for me, a lifelong addiction to fantasy books was set!

I’m most active on Facebook if you are into socials, but the newsletter is where it’s really happening.

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