Current Projects

Cozy Fantasy Short - The Alchemist's Promotion

Been wondering about what Thorne got upto after his little spot of bother in Turtle Bay? Me too! So I've been working on a short story that I'm hoping to include in the next Cozy Vales anthology.

First Draft 100%
Many edit passes 100%
Beta reads and final editing 80%

Cozy Fantasy Short - Brianna's Bad Day

Working on a scene I really wanted to write but does not belong in either the novella or the main novel - so keeping it as a bonus short, about 2.5k. If you've read The Alchemist's Surprise you will know who Brianna is 😀

First Draft 100%
First Edit Pass 1%

Cozy Fantasy Novel - The Alchemist's Return

I've plotted, and started writing, but as usual the story keeps changing under my fingers. It wriggles like something alive and moves somewhere else.

First Draft 21%
First Edit Pass 1%

Cozy Fantasy Novella - The Alchemist's Surprise - Finished!

This is a 20k ish novella that is included in the Cozy Vales winter anthology! The anthology - Winter Tales from Cozy Vales – is out now, wide, and free!

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