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Come in! Sit down! You may need to move some papers; sorry about that. I'll put some water on to boil and make us some tea. Then we can talk about books—for hours if you'd like—and perhaps even read some too. I'll stoke the fire, and I've got a blanket if you'd like one.

How about I tell you all about what I'm working on and what I'm reading at the moment? Maybe you could share your favourite books, or perhaps you're a writer and are working on something interesting? I'd love to hear about it! Feel free to poke around while I make everything comfortable, but whatever you do, don't open the wooden box on the desk. The last person who tried that lost three fingers!

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Once a month I wind the handle on the second-hand magic generator I bought from my gnome neighbour and power up the portal to my writer’s cottage – the place I escape to when I’m creating my stories. If you’re brave enough to risk the journey, pop your email into the newsletter signup box. I’ll see you there for tea, updates about my writing, new releases, and other book news.

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